Patient Pictures

Below are pictures of some SDS patients. These patients face the struggles of Shwachman Diamond Syndrome on a daily basis. To help find a cure for these patients, please consider donating to the Shwachman Diamond Syndrome Foundation.



Camden, Age 12


Bay, Age 16 & Jordan, Age 18


Arianna, Age 11


Anthony, Age 6

Roman, Age 7 months

Roman is always happy. Enjoys flirting with nurses. Future Heisman Trophy winner 2035 (according to his Daddy).

Wade, Age 9

Wade loves drawing, Pokemon, baseball and mini-golf. Click on Wade’s picture to visit his care page.


Tyler, Age 10

Tyler and Jaxon are brothers who both have SDS.


Pierce, Age 12

Pierce received a bone-marrow transplant in 2014, one day before his 12th birthday. His donor was his sister, Savannah.


Gavin, Age 3


Sally, Age 10


Ethan, Age 14

Scott, Age 18

Scott just graduated high school and is starting college!


Emma, Age 3

Manuel, Age 9


 Sadie, Age 6

Bohdan (Bodie), Age 10

Bodie received a bone marrow transplant in January 2011. Click his picture to follow his care page.


Quinn, Age 9


Melissa, Age 14

RIP Melissa (deceased in 2014)


Michele, Age 52

RIP Michele (deceased in 2015)


Mikel, Age 9

Mikel  had a bone marrow transplant in April 2011 and is doing well. He is a very loving and smart young man that is loved by so many.

Meagan, Age 14

Meagan is starting high school and is a Chief Master Sergeant with Civil Air Patrol.

natalie fixed 300 x 250

Natalie, Age 18 months

Click on Natalie’s picture to visit her facebook care page.

Will, Age 16

Will (holding Rory the puppy) with his parents, Greg & Mary, and brothers, Jake & Jeb. Will received a bone marrow transplant in 2006 and his donor was his brother Jeb (top).

Abby, Age 9

Abby doesn’t let SDS slow her down.  She is a BMX racer and has been signed to a National Team and going strong. She tries to be a symbol of strength and inspiration for kids.

Peyton, Age 9

Peyton loves playing with her friends and big brother. She is a cheerleader for our local youth center’s Football, Wrestling and Basketball teams. No need for transplant yet! Thank the big man in the sky!

Matt, Age 15


Marissa, Age 8

Marissa is a caring, funny girl who enjoys cooking and baking. She received a bone marrow transplant in 2007, one week before her first birthday.

Elijah, Age 9

Elijah loves to play Monopoly and The Game of Life. He loves numbers, following rules and keeping everyone else in line! Amazing Elijah is sweet, kind and funny. He had a bone marrow transplant in 2011.


Madalynn, Age 7


Luke, Age 9


Lorin, Age 25


Kyle, Age 7


Khale, Age 3


Kali, Age 2

Jonathan, Age 13

Jonathan is starting high school and just competed in a world archery competition.

Nathan (13), Madison (15), Diana (40)


Jessica, Age 14


Jacqui, Age 64


Jaxon, Age 8


Jennifer, Age 21

Bone Marrow Transplant 1994 — Liver Transplant 1994. She is a CHAMPION.


Ian, Age 3


Dylan, Age 7


Collin, Age 10


Zion, Age 1

RIP Zion (deceased in 2012)

Cason, Age 11


Willow, Age 7

Click on Willow’s picture to visit her care page.


Zachary, Age 10 & Gavin, Age 8


Anthony, Age 3

Anthony is a fun and affectionate little boy who is loved by everyone.  He adores his big brother, Nicholas, and loves playing outside and riding his scooter with the kids on his block.  Anthony continues to impress his parents each day.


Rylie, Age 3


Xander, Age 4

Xander received a bone marrow transplant in 2013. He is doing great and is a survivor!

Melanie, Age 38

RIP Melanie (deceased in 2007)


Danny, Age 11

Danny received a bone-marrow transplant. His donor was Emily, his sister (pictured).

Mathew, Age 10

Mathew loves science and anything he can take apart.

Addison, Age 9 months

Click on Addison’s picture to visit her facebook care page.

David, Age 11

Kamren, Age 7

He doesn’t let anything stop him. He is an amazing athlete – playing basketball and competitive soccer team. He’s also a math whiz and learning to speak Spanish. He plays the piano and guitar! Keeping him busy allows him to flourish!

Heston, Age 5

Our awesome “lil man”. Click on Heston’s picture to visit his facebook care page.

Leif, Age 4

Cami, Age 24

RIP Cami (deceased in 2016)

Angela, Age 13

Pictured is Angela (framed picture collage), Susan (top left), Angela’s bone marrow donor, and Paula (top right), Angela’s mother.

Lacey, Age 2

Jace, Age 2

Laura, Age 26

Kane, Age 22

Genetically confirmed, Wales UK

Lukas, Age 5 months

RIP Super Lukas (deceased in 2014)

Carter, Age 10

River, Age 2.5


Charles, Age 4

This is Charles who is always smiling and so happy no matter where he is or how bad he may feel. He loves playing with his brothers and sisters.

Mia, Age 4

Izel, Age 9

Remington, Age 10 months

Keller, Age 7

To support Keller and SDSF, visit

Ray, Age 2

Cresta, Age 41

Gracie, Age 8

Gracie wants to be a doctor someday and save lives.

Kaisen, Age 1.5

Momma’s little fighter.

Jake, Age 13

Andrew, Age 3 months

Forever in our hearts. RIP Andrew (deceased in 2012)

Arianna, Age 17

Tavinore (Tavi), Age 4 months

Our Tiny Fighter. RIP Tavi (deceased in 2016). Click on Tavi’s picture to visit her care page.


Rahul, Age 13


Helen, Age 7


Maya R, Age 1


Henley, Age 3 months

Henley’s smile is infectious. She loves baths, long walks, and cuddling with mom in her Tula. Click on Henley’s picture to visit her care page.

Joyce, Age 13

Joyce loves horseback riding and rides horses every week 🐴😁

James, Age 25

RIP James (deceased in 2018)

Giovanni, Age 14 months

Little G, our blessing!

George and Eleanor, Age 18 months

George and Eleanor (twins) were diagnosed with SDS at the age of 17 months. They are great kids and adored by their daddies and older siblings.


Presley, Age 1


Craig, Age 39

RIP Craig (deceased 2019)


Catrina, Age 46


Valor, Age 20 months

We did not know how appropriate Valor’s name would be until we sat in a hospital room taking in the news of Valor’s preliminary diagnosis of SDS as his bone marrow biopsy showed 60% function and his weight and height were not even on growth charts at almost 6 months of age. But our tiny Valor has lived up to his name time and time again as he battles this disease with strength and valor! Through this illness, we have sought after and leaned on our source for strength and hope—God has truly been our Valor!


Lizzie, Age 2

Lizzie loves playing with her cousins at the beach, all animals, meeting new friends, reading books, and family fun days!

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