Camp Sunshine


SDSF and other SDS families attend Camp Sunshine in Casco, Maine every two years (even years). Attending Camp Sunshine is a great opportunity to meet other families and share your SDS journey with them. See old friends, make new ones and talk to medical experts while your children are cared for and entertained.  This is a FABULOUS week for the entire family! SDSF encourages SDS families to attend Camp Sunshine. The only cost to SDS families is transportation to and from Camp.

Applications will be available on the Camp Sunshine Applications page. Check back regularly to see when it is available.

Camp Sunshine 2018

In 2018, we had a large group of doctors and experts who volunteered their time to attend Camp:

  • Blanche Alter, MD MPH, Hematology, National Cancer Institute
  • Nancy Cincotta, MSW, MPhil, Camp Sunshine
  • Amit Grover, MD, Gastroenterology, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Peter Kannu, MBChB PhD, Pediatrician & Geneticist, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Elizabeth Kerr, PhD, Health Psychology, Neuropsychology, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Jenelle Leighton, BSN, RN, Communicable Disease Control Services, St. Louis County Department of Public Health
  • Kasiani Myers, MD, Hematology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • Johanna Rommens, PhD, Genetics, University of Toronto
  • Akiko Shimamura, MD PhD, Hematology, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Garry Tobin, MD, Endocrinology, Washington University of St. Louis
  • Adrianna Vlachos, MD, Hematology/BMT, Cohen Children’s Hospital